26th - 28th JUNE 2020

French Grand Prix 2020


*Please note these maps are only a guide and are subject to change

Official Formula 1 French Grand Prix Tickets 2020 - Le Castellet, Paul Ricard Circuit

The 2020 French Grand Prix will take place at the Circuit Automobile Paul Ricard at Le Castellet, in Provence, southern France.

Combine a spectacular Grand Prix weekend with stunning scenery and superb French cuisine.

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Gold Grandstands
$ 608
$ 474
$ 340
$ 547
Silver Grandstands
$ 181
$ 425
Bronze Grandstands
$ 352
$ 218
$ 352
$ 352
$ 181
$ 218
$ 114
General Admission - French Grand Prix

Children under the age of 6 years may access the circuit for free.  On the Grandstands children must be seated on the adult’s lap.

Children must always be accompanied by an adult who is in possession of a valid entrance ticket. From the age of 6 – 12 years there are special rates.  Tickets upon availability.

All Grandstand are numbered.  The Grandstand and “Ligne de Départ” and “Virage du Pont” are covered. Video walls will be opposite all Grandstands. All Grandstand and admission tickets are nominative. This information is from the promoter not Grand Prix Events. We are not responsible for the accuracy or whether there will be screen right opposite your seats

Which seats should I choose for the French Grand Prix 2020?

Main Grandstand Starting Grid:

At the Starting Grid Grandstand, you will witness some of the most thrilling F1 race moments. From this area, you can see the start/finish and the famous Main Straight. Spectators are ideally placed to see the cars charge down to the chequered flag as the winner crosses the finish line. Afterwards, the champagne showered podium celebrations will begin. This Grandstand is covered to ensure you have an optimal F1 experience.

Virage du Pont Grandstand:

Virage Du Pont is located right in front of the thrilling last Turns 9 and 10, where you will have optimal views of the drivers skillfully navigating around the turns towards the finish line. In the distance, you will be able to see the Main Straight, where the talented F1 drivers charge down at remarkable speeds. This Grandstand is covered to ensure you have an optimal F1 experience.

Sainte Baume Grandstand:

Sainte-Baume 2 Grandstand sits in the middle of the Saint-Baurme Grandstands where you will be facing Turn 2 and 3. Here you will be amazed by how accurate and talented the F1 drivers are at steering their race cars with such elegance and precision. You may catch a glimpse of Turn 4, depending on the height of your Grandstand seat.

Chicane Grandstand:

This Chicane 3 Grandstand lies in the middle of the wonderful Mistral Straight action. Here you will be able to witness the drivers making fast turns and navigating with incredible precision and speed. This Grandstand is optimal for speed lovers who want to view their favourite F1 drivers reach unbelievable speeds before maneuvering around difficult turns.

Le Beausset:

At this Le Beausset 3 Grandstand, you are located in the middle of Turn 6, with an additional view of Turn 7. Giant TV screens will be available so that you can witness all the F1 action! Here you will be able to witness the drivers making fast turns and navigating with incredible precision and speed.

Sainte Baume:

Nestled directly after Turn 3 and in front of Turn 4, you surely won’t be disappointed by all the F1 action heading your way. In the distance, you will watch the F1 cars drive their way through the Mistral Straight at top speeds. Here you will be able to witness the drivers making fast turns and navigating with incredible precision and speed.

General Admission:

The Circuit of Paul Ricard is, overall, flat and fast, thanks to its plateau location and elongated layout, creating multiple great spots for prime General Admission viewing. Many fans prefer the freedom to move around the circuit offered by a general admission ticket, as well as the space to spread out, picnic, and relax on the grass. Tickets are available for purchase as a three-day package (Friday-Sunday).

About General Admission tickets:

Please note that the General Admission viewing experience may vary significantly depending on the place that you are able to secure; it does not guarantee a complete view of the track. The ticket provides access to different areas where you can sit or stand and enjoy the race. We recommend that you arrive promptly to ensure a good viewing location. There is no reserved seat for this ticket type in Formula One.